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Munthiri Monjan Malayalam Movie Wiki 1

Munthiri Monjan Malayalam Movie (2019) | Cast | Teaser | Trailer | Release Date

Munthiri Monjan Malayalam Movie Wiki 1

Munthiri Monjan – Story told by a Frog is a Malayalam movie starring Manesh Krishnan and Deepika Anil in the lead roles. The romantic comedy movie was directed by Vijith Nambiar and the story was penned by Manu Gopal & Mehrali Poilungal Ismail. Munthiri Monjan was bankrolled by Ashokan PK under the banner of Vidhvas Movies.

In an interview, Director Vijith Nambiar stated that the movie will be a fresh experience for Malayalam audiences. The first look states that the movie has taken in an urban backdrop. The story revolves around Vivek Viswanath, a young marketing guy working in advertising company & Ima Rajiv, who runs an online lending library.

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DirectorVijith Nambiar
ProducerAshokan PK
ScreenplayManu Gopal & Mehrali Poilungal Ismail
GenreRomantic Comedy
StoryManu Gopal & Mehrali Poilungal Ismail
StarringManesh Krishnan and Deepika Anil
MusicVijith Nambiar
CinematographerShan Hafsaali
EditorAnez Muhammed
Production CompanyVidhvas Movies
Release date2019
LyricistRafeeq Ahammed, Muralidharan Guruvayoor, Manu Gopal & Nishad Ahammed
ActionAshraf Gurukkal

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Munthiri Monjan Malayalam Movie
Munthiri Monjan Malayalam Movie

Munthiri Monjan Movie Cast

  • Manesh Krishnan as Vivek Viswanath.
  • Gopika Anil as Ima Rajiv.
  • Devan as Madhavan Kutty.
  • Saleema as Mary.
  • Innocent as Menon.
  • Salim Kumar as Thavala (Frog)
  • Cairavee Thakkar as Deepika.
  • Idavela Babu as Devaraj.

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