Munthiri Monjan – Story told by a Frog is a Malayalam movie starring Manesh Krishnan and Deepika Anil in the lead roles. The romantic comedy movie was directed by Vijith Nambiar and the story was penned by Manu Gopal & Mehrali Poilungal Ismail. Munthiri Monjan was bankrolled by Ashokan PK under the banner of Vidhvas Movies.

In an interview, Director Vijith Nambiar stated that the movie will be a fresh experience for Malayalam audiences. The first look states that the movie has taken in an urban backdrop. The story revolves around Vivek Viswanath, a young marketing guy working in advertising company & Ima Rajiv, who runs an online lending library.

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Director Vijith Nambiar
Producer Ashokan PK
Screenplay Manu Gopal & Mehrali Poilungal Ismail
Genre Romantic Comedy
Story Manu Gopal & Mehrali Poilungal Ismail
Starring Manesh Krishnan and Deepika Anil
Music Vijith Nambiar
Cinematographer Shan Hafsaali
Editor Anez Muhammed
Production Company Vidhvas Movies
Release date 2019
Lyricist Rafeeq Ahammed, Muralidharan Guruvayoor, Manu Gopal & Nishad Ahammed
Action Ashraf Gurukkal
Language Malayalam

Munthiri Monjan Posters

Munthiri Monjan Malayalam Movie
Munthiri Monjan Malayalam Movie

Munthiri Monjan Movie Cast

  • Manesh Krishnan as Vivek Viswanath.
  • Gopika Anil as Ima Rajiv.
  • Devan as Madhavan Kutty.
  • Saleema as Mary.
  • Innocent as Menon.
  • Salim Kumar as Thavala (Frog)
  • Cairavee Thakkar as Deepika.
  • Idavela Babu as Devaraj.

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