Pambar Falls

Pambar Falls

At a distance of four kms from Kodaikanal Bus Station.This magnificent falls can be popularly known as because of the ‘Grand Cascade’. The city water reservoir overflows southwards forming the Fairy Falls which continues to affix the Vaigai River forming the Pambar Falls by means of its course.

It may be reached by a steep, slippery path behind Pambar home. Racing down Pambar Ravine is the zig-zagging Levinge stream that cascades over a collection of rock formations. The Pambar Ravine showers down the Waterfall and a collection of steep and precariously slippery rocks throughout its meandering course.

There’s a pond like formation on the foot appropriate for bathing. Three or 4 adjoining small cascading falls may be seen as you go downstream. The wild neighborhood of the falls prospers in the uncommon natural world. Endemic birds and butterflies create a focal point to this soothing spot.

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